“Relay for Life; Why I Do, Why You Should Too”

Because Those Words Broke Me,

Don’t Mistake Me for Broken,

Though My Voice Sounds Like Tears Set Free,

Don’t Think My Words Hurt When Spoken,

Though Cancer May Be a Vision I Have to See,

It Doesn’t Mean My Life is Dead, Croaken’,

Life, I’m going to enjoy the ride, best believe,

And Until This Life is Over I Ain’t Giving up My Token,

I ain’t going to Give up, I Refuse to,

Because if I do, Well Then it already Wins,

So if you are asking me what I’m going to do,

Let me take a Deep Breath and Catch My Wind,

Because A Life worth Living, We All Have, True,

Worth is in the Living, Not in its’ End,

So I Ask you to Fight with me; Relay For YOU,

Relay for Family, For a Stranger, For a Friend,

Let’s take that Lap and let us all Rejoice,

Let’s Play Games, Let’s Eat, Let us Cheer,

Let’s remember those who no longer have a Voice,

Let’s get Together and battle until this is a Forgotten Fear,

Let’s Take Back Time for those who don’t have a Choice,

Let’s Fight as a Team so No One is left alone here,

Don’t worry about fighting the tears when your eyes get moist,

Because Happiness doesn’t only come in a smile from ear to ear,

So Let’s Stand Up to Cancer not as many but as One,

Because Together is the only way to end a battle like this,

Yeah the Challenge isn’t always going to be fun,

But no Fight worth Fighting ever really is,

So Save a Mother, a Father, A Daughter, A Son,

Save the Babies, The teens, Save all the Kids,

We can’t stop Fighting Until Cancer is Dead, Done,

Relay is about Life, Love, Compassion, Remembering, ALL THIS.

By: carlos lightsey

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