“A Final Decision ……Maybe”

Just a broken man from a broken home,

Like a broken record, He heard his last song,

Insanity rests here, sanity has long gone,

Surrounded by millions he sits all alone,

No where to go, Trapped inside,

Eyes drowning in water, but won’t cry,

Sees the only way to live would be to die,

As he screams at God ” why me, why this life”,

There is no answer to his call, not even a ring,

Yes, it seems, even the loving God has forgotten he,

Pricked by the thorns of life, no growth in this tree,

He feels his best would be to fall like the leaves,

But to fall beautifully would be to sweet for him,

He knows he is barely comparable to the rotten limb,

He’s like a VCR tape but with torn film,

A bright future, hilarious, he would settle for dim,

No lights his way, No money to fit the bill,

Playing life’s game but it has a shitty feel,

Like a card-less poker player saying let’s make a deal,

This has to be false, surely this can’t be real,

But no amount of imagination would ever let him forget,

The destiny placed before him was always doomed to set,

A life of true unhappiness, encrusted with regret,

Surrounded by memories he wishes he could forget,

But Amnesia has no bearing to hold in his life,

Pain has been wedded to be his only lasting wife,

He fears in his heart he no longer wants the fight,

Fears that his trust of happiness lies only in suicide,

He looks up from this bench and the world walks by,

Not a single hey, or even a wave goodbye,

With a face of stone again inside he asks why,

A lost soul, a lost man, and you walk on by while inside he cries,

Will tonight be that final night?,

Inside he shudders because alone he fears it might.

By: Carlos Lightsey

Side-note: suicide is never the answer it is merely a solution that can’t be erased that causes pain to others looking for the answers they never had. More people need to talk but even more people need to tell someone. You are only alone if you stay silent, and those who do speak let the listener actually hear them. Too many are lost because they feel lost. Let’s find them so they can find themselves.