“A Final Decision ……Maybe”

Just a broken man from a broken home,

Like a broken record, He heard his last song,

Insanity rests here, sanity has long gone,

Surrounded by millions he sits all alone,

No where to go, Trapped inside,

Eyes drowning in water, but won’t cry,

Sees the only way to live would be to die,

As he screams at God ” why me, why this life”,

There is no answer to his call, not even a ring,

Yes, it seems, even the loving God has forgotten he,

Pricked by the thorns of life, no growth in this tree,

He feels his best would be to fall like the leaves,

But to fall beautifully would be to sweet for him,

He knows he is barely comparable to the rotten limb,

He’s like a VCR tape but with torn film,

A bright future, hilarious, he would settle for dim,

No lights his way, No money to fit the bill,

Playing life’s game but it has a shitty feel,

Like a card-less poker player saying let’s make a deal,

This has to be false, surely this can’t be real,

But no amount of imagination would ever let him forget,

The destiny placed before him was always doomed to set,

A life of true unhappiness, encrusted with regret,

Surrounded by memories he wishes he could forget,

But Amnesia has no bearing to hold in his life,

Pain has been wedded to be his only lasting wife,

He fears in his heart he no longer wants the fight,

Fears that his trust of happiness lies only in suicide,

He looks up from this bench and the world walks by,

Not a single hey, or even a wave goodbye,

With a face of stone again inside he asks why,

A lost soul, a lost man, and you walk on by while inside he cries,

Will tonight be that final night?,

Inside he shudders because alone he fears it might.

By: Carlos Lightsey

Side-note: suicide is never the answer it is merely a solution that can’t be erased that causes pain to others looking for the answers they never had. More people need to talk but even more people need to tell someone. You are only alone if you stay silent, and those who do speak let the listener actually hear them. Too many are lost because they feel lost. Let’s find them so they can find themselves.

“Relay for Life; Why I Do, Why You Should Too”

Because Those Words Broke Me,

Don’t Mistake Me for Broken,

Though My Voice Sounds Like Tears Set Free,

Don’t Think My Words Hurt When Spoken,

Though Cancer May Be a Vision I Have to See,

It Doesn’t Mean My Life is Dead, Croaken’,

Life, I’m going to enjoy the ride, best believe,

And Until This Life is Over I Ain’t Giving up My Token,

I ain’t going to Give up, I Refuse to,

Because if I do, Well Then it already Wins,

So if you are asking me what I’m going to do,

Let me take a Deep Breath and Catch My Wind,

Because A Life worth Living, We All Have, True,

Worth is in the Living, Not in its’ End,

So I Ask you to Fight with me; Relay For YOU,

Relay for Family, For a Stranger, For a Friend,

Let’s take that Lap and let us all Rejoice,

Let’s Play Games, Let’s Eat, Let us Cheer,

Let’s remember those who no longer have a Voice,

Let’s get Together and battle until this is a Forgotten Fear,

Let’s Take Back Time for those who don’t have a Choice,

Let’s Fight as a Team so No One is left alone here,

Don’t worry about fighting the tears when your eyes get moist,

Because Happiness doesn’t only come in a smile from ear to ear,

So Let’s Stand Up to Cancer not as many but as One,

Because Together is the only way to end a battle like this,

Yeah the Challenge isn’t always going to be fun,

But no Fight worth Fighting ever really is,

So Save a Mother, a Father, A Daughter, A Son,

Save the Babies, The teens, Save all the Kids,

We can’t stop Fighting Until Cancer is Dead, Done,

Relay is about Life, Love, Compassion, Remembering, ALL THIS.

By: carlos lightsey

Love Rant

There is something that has been getting to me,

Far more than what most think,

It’s this misconception of a common belief,

That a man should always chase the woman or she will leave,

But this concept is too one-sided for me,

If I take a step forward and you continue to step away from me,

How could this ever be how love is found; don’t you see,

If I am trying to get you closer to me,

Then why do you continue to walk away from me,

If my love and getting to know me is what you really seek,

Why do I always have to be the one to respond first,

Then criticized by others for feeling love’s thirst,

You say love is what you want, then why me, the man, the only one at work,

Then you wonder why from exhaustion my love takes a ride in a watered down Hurst,

Then I see you ask why can’t you find a good man,

Well you did, but you just didn’t understand,

That a relationship takes more than a chase and me saying, well I ran,

Love is a cross country event and it takes a much better plan,

Cause we are all sprinters, but you are always a step ahead of me,

I’m not asking you to slow down; I’m saying turn towards me,

Cause no journey is too long if we will just meet in the middle,

After all, that is the only answer to true love’s riddle,

“How can a person find love?”

Alone the fact is they can’t,

Because it takes two to rise above,

This is love’s truth and the end of my rant.

A powerful talk from Hugh Herr, 7 years in the making

This is awesome

TED Blog

Hugh Herr's talk transfixed the audience at TED2014, and has now been viewed nearly 2 million times. So it might surprise some to know that his talk took nearly 7 years to happen. Photo: James Duncan Davidson Hugh Herr’s talk transfixed the audience at TED2014, and has now been viewed nearly 2 million times. So it might surprise some to know that his talk took nearly 7 years to happen. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

“As you can see, my legs are bionic,” said Hugh Herr on the TED2014 stage. “The artificial part of my body is malleable, able to take on any form, any function, a blank slate through which to create structures that can extend beyond biological capability.”

Standing tall in a suit hemmed at his knees, Herr spoke eloquently about his work creating the next generation of bionic limbs. He demonstrated how his own worked as he spoke, moving gracefully around the red carpet. This talk—which ended with ballroom dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis performing for the first time since she lost her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombing—was one of the most-beloved of TED2014…

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