The Raven recipe

The Raven recipe

This is the perfect spooky/gothic drink brilliant at Halloween or anytime and v. tasty.

Invented by Jaz for the Metal heads of Eastbourne, England and for fun spooky drink lovers everywhere!

Scale ingredients to servings 1

1 oz Smirnoff® vodka

1 oz white rum

1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur

3 oz 7-Up® soda

2 oz peach schnapps

1 dash Vimto® blackcurrant squash concentrate or any dark fruit concentrate

1 chopped lime (optional)

Mix ice, vodka, rum and the blue curacao together and shake, pour all of it into into a tall glass and add 7up and peach schnapps. Add a dash of vimto concentrate to the top which will settle to the bottom of the glass giving a Ravens wing effect, add the lime to the top and DO NOT STIR. Looks great with a black straw.

Blackout Punch recipe

Blackout Punch recipe

I designed this punch to be served at a black light party. The goal was to utilize tonic water to create a punch that glows. Sure enough, the final result glows a thick, radioactive blue color under a black light. It was a hit at our party and we’ve made it a few times now, with rave reviews every time. Beware, it’s hard to taste the alcohol in this drink – after a few glasses, it hits you hard.

Scale ingredients to servings
1 vodka
6 L 7-Up® soda
4 L tonic water
2 Frozen lemonade Concentrate
16 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
24 oz pineapple juice

All ingredients should be mixed in a five-gallon beverage cooler. Begin by combining the frozen lemonade with the vodka to create an alcoholic slush, and add the rest of the ingredients to that mixture. The total yield is about 5 gallons of a beverage that is approximately 10% ABV.

Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

Feeling a little bummed about your holiday gifts — or lack thereof? Cheer yourself up by snagging your spot in line for a Mercier-Jones Hovercraft ($TBA). This ambitious craft — which is still in development, so put your Amex black cards away — features sportscar looks, a patent-pending directional control system for unprecedented maneuverability, carbon fiber and metal alloy construction, a single gasoline engine that supplies electricity to the three electric motors, and open-air, tandem sport seating for two. Arriving… whenever they’re finished with it.