Song Possibility/ Chorus

Let’s have a picnic or a day full of sun,

Call it a summer of love or a summer of fun,

We can climb the highest tree,

Or we can swim the deepest of seas,

We’ll take the milkyway and change the stars,

Or ride a meteor no matter how far,

Just as long as you show that smile,

And I get to ride along for a while,

Because time with you is all I need,

So I looked to the sky and hit my knees,

And said if you give the chance to make her mine,

I’ll do everythang to make her smile.

My Dear

Treasure Found and Your Riches Hold,

Inside is Sound a Heart of Gold,

Beauty Beyond the Best of Molds,

A Truth so Sweet Its too Silent to be Told,

A Whisper amongst the Purest Ear,

The Waterfalls a Curtain of Rolling Tears,

The Ageless One Reaches One’s Final Year,

Drowns in Comparison to You My Dear.