Alright guys this one is for you too. The Appletini is delicious regardless of gender. Though it is typically favored by females don’t be scared to try one guys… Once you have a proper Appletini you will never be scared to have another.

What you will need:

Vodka (I recommend Three Olives Green Apple), Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps

How to make it:

Grab a martini glass, if you don’t have one run to the store and pick one up.. I promise you will use it again. Mix:

2 oz of our Green Apple Three Olives vodka
1 oz Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps
Garnish with a slice of a green apple and/or cherry/strawberry

There are variations of this recipe including some that add a dash of sweet and sour mix or a dash of lemon. You may replace the Apple Pucker Schnapps with apple cider but i don’t recommend it. The Appletini should not be served over ice, it should be mixed in a cocktail shaker loaded with ice and porn into your martini glass.



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