Bad Habits Made-To-Order DJ Console

 Bad Habits Made-To-Order DJ Console

It takes skill to create a DJ console that looks as good in your house as it would in a club. The Bad Habits Made-To-Order DJ Console (£750; roughly $1,200) boasts such a look, with a simple base that harkens back to classic setups from clubs like Studio 54, plenty of racking for mixers and other components, and your choice of finishes, materials, and either two or three turntable slots.

Moto TC RC Cars

 Moto TC RC Cars

Bring your iOS playtime off your device and into the real world with these Moto TC RC Cars ($30-$60). Available in large Monster truck or smaller Racer varieties, each is controlled via app, letting you use virtual controls — or accelerometer movements — to guide the vehicle. While the Monster connects via Bluetooth, the Racer comes with a RF transmitter — but either way, they’re both compatible with most newer iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.

LG 84-Inch 4K 3D TV

LG 84-Inch 4K 3D TV

We don’t know where you’re going to find content to watch on it, but if you like to be as future-proof as possible with your purchases, it might be time to consider this LG 84-Inch 4K 3D TV ($20,000). Boasting a mammoth 84-inch, 3840 x 2160 4K — oh, sorry, it’s “Ultra High Definition” now — panel, it also offers 3D technology, a new Magic Remote, Smart TV capabilities with access to over 1,400 apps, a 2.2 speaker system, and Dual Play, a new feature that lets gamers play head-to-head, full screen on the same screen. [via]