Just to See You Smile

If there is ever a time you need a hand,

Extend your arm and I will do what I can,

If you ever need a chance to gasp,

I’ll do my best to make the moment last,

If you ever need a much needed break,

I will give you all the time you need to take,

If you ever need a friend,

Remember I will be here till the very end,

But if you ever need all the more,

Unlocked will always be our communication door,

Anything for you I consider worthwhile,

All I want is just to see you Smile.

My Dear

Treasure Found and Your Riches Hold,

Inside is Sound a Heart of Gold,

Beauty Beyond the Best of Molds,

A Truth so Sweet Its too Silent to be Told,

A Whisper amongst the Purest Ear,

The Waterfalls a Curtain of Rolling Tears,

The Ageless One Reaches One’s Final Year,

Drowns in Comparison to You My Dear.

Her Beauty

Lost in words is Beauty’s right,

To Brighten to day the Darkest of Nights,

A Shutter from this Angel’s Wings,

Makes the Hardest of Hearts Begin to Sing,

The Truth Slips from all of those Secret Lies,

Her Beauty so great it can not be Denied,

So with this Strengthened Solid but Somber Tone,

I tell you I have been explaining You all Along.